Internet of Things
A system of physical devices ("things") that allows to transmit and receive information using wireless networks without any human intervention
Internet of Things
A system of physical devices ("things") that allows to transmit and receive information using wireless networks without any human intervention
Our projects
Environmental solution
Smart metering for Kirovogradgaz
In Kropyvnytskyi, for Kirovogradgaz a solution based on LoRaWAN technology was deployed to organize the remote data transmission from gas consumption meters.
The proposed solution allows to remotely record consumption data from meters, analyze the information received. All this leads to effective control of gas consumption by consumers and reduce production costs.
Smart lighting solution for ART MALL
The smart lighting solution for the shopping center "ART MALL" provides a lighting control system, which allows to control each luminaire separately. The solution helps to create separate light and dark zones depending on the movement of cars and pedestrians in the parking lot of the shopping mall.
Remote data transmission from electricity meters in Lviv
A project for remote reading of indicators from electricity meters for СJSC Lvovoblenergo has been implemented. Special sensors manufactured by OrionM2M and the LoRaWAN network allow remotely and without human intervention to collect data from house and apartment meters, monitor the operation of these devices, balance the data and carry out further analytics.
Remote data transmission from water meters
Together with our partner IoT Ukraine we've implemented a solution for remote data transmission from water meters for the KP "Lutskvodokanal" in Lutsk. Orion M2M devices and LoRaWAN technology allows to collect and archive data from house and apartment water meters. This solution allows to obtain accurate data on water consumption at any time, thereby achieving a high level of control over consumption and reduces production costs.
Remote data transmission from water meters
Implementation of the project for remote reading of indicators from devices and metering of water consumption in Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, Kiev region, for LLC "Petropavlivske" allowed the customer to collect, archive and analyze data on indicators of water consumption from house and apartment consumption meters. This system makes it possible to effectively monitor the condition of devices and reduces production costs.
Environmental monitoring solution
For the TopSpin company in Kiev, together with our partner IoT Ukraine, a solution based on LoRaWAN technology was deployed to monitor the state of the environment. For this we used equipment from a leading provider of IoT solutions, Libelium and Tektelic, a manufacturer of network equipment and solutions for IoT. The device measures the following parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, NO2, O3 and dust particles (PM 1, 2.5, 10).
Applications of the Internet of Things
Smart city
Environment monitoring, smart lighting, parking system, public transportation management
Smart logistics
Assents tracking and monitoring solutions, fuel monitoring sensors. Movements manegement inside and outside the warehouse
Remote data reading from electricity, water and gas meters
Building automation
Heating and air conditioning control with a help of environmental sensors and smart switches, smoke and fire detectors
Smart medicine
Medical equipment monitoring, smart bracelets for the elderly

Smart agriculture
Soil moisture and ambient temperature sensors connected to the weather system to determine the need for irrigation

Internet of Things technologies
lifecell offers solutions based on two IoT technologies: NB-IoT and LoRaWAN
NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) is a cellular communication standard for telemetry devices. Designed to connect a wide range of stand-alone devices into one network. For example, medical sensors, resource consumption meters, smart home devices, etc.
LoRaWan is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol optimized for low power consumption over long distances with a high signal penetration. LoRaWan protocol is ideal for self-powered wireless devices and can safely provide two-way network communication with a high level of scalability

Components of the IoT solutions
Sensors and devices that can transmit information via IoT network. Lifecell customers most often use IoT solutions in utility services, logistics, agriculture, industrial enterprises as well as for launching smart city solutions
As there is no universal IoT standard in Ukraine lifecell made a decision to develop two technologies of the Internet of Things: LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. There are advantages to both technologies. The choice of the technology depends on the needs and conditions of a particular project
Analytics and visualization
We provide an application (desktop or WEB) for every solution or API for integration with the existing system of your company

Why lifecell?
Reliable partner
We are a leading Ukrainian digital operator that offers smart solutions and unique experience in the IoT field
Turnkey solutions
We provide an opportunity to choose one of the ready-made solutions or can adapt the solution for the specific needs of your company
24/7 support
Your business can always use professional round-the-clock technical support from lifecell. Large business will also be consulted by a personal manager
Data transmission security
When transferring data the encryption algorithms used by LTE and NB-IoT networks have 128-bit keys. In addition, all LTE and NB IoT base stations work through an IPsec tunnel. LoRaWAN like NB-IoT network uses 128-bit encryption keys during the data transmission
Carrier grade equipment
NB-IoT network is built using the equipment of Ericsson and Huawei. When deploying LoRaWAN solutions Cisco equipment and Actility IoT platform are used
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